2 Dec 2012

Sentence of 3 years for conspiracy to write and deploy a trojan

Submitted by Troy Rollo

Larkin v R [2012] WASCA 238

Larkin and another appellant (Shee) were convicted of conspiracy to cause unauthorised modification to data held in a computer, with sentences of 2½ and 3 years. Larkin procured Shee to write a trojan to give them undetected remote access to the Department of Health network. Larkin abandoned the idea just before the trojan was to be deployed, and there was no finding as to whether Shee continued with the plan

The decision discloses that the administrator password at the department was “Doctor Who”, which is not exactly a resounding endorsement of security at the Western Australian Department of Health.

The trial Court found that the purpose of the trojan was to get access to internal documents which would give a competitive advantage in tendering for department business. Appeal dismissed.